5 Flooring Trends Of 2020

Times are rapidly changing, which means so is fashion. Fashion means more than just the clothes you put on your back. Fashion is the clothes you wear, the books you read, and even what flooring your put into your home. Remodeling your home can be an exciting process. The decade is ending, which means it’s the perfect time for a change. Here are our top picks for the biggest flooring trends of the coming decade.

Wood Look Floors

Not just hardwood, but wood look! The gorgeous natural tones of wood, with the timeless, elegant feel but more affordable than ever. Think porcelain wood look tiles. You can choose any variety of looks you want from rustic-chic to stunning and modern. It’s a big year for faux-looking flooring. With more grains and colors to choose from than ever before, your guests will be gushing over your new wood look tile.

Wider Planks

Over the years, floorboards and tiles have become increasingly wider. For the year 2020, experts predict that the most popular sizes will be as wide as 12 inches! By using wider planks, you make the room feel more spacious and extravagant. Wide planks still come in all of your favorite finishes, making it a perfect facelift for any home.

Earthy Tones

Another trend for the upcoming decade is earthy tones. Earthy tones would be considered to be cozy, warm, and neutral. They are elegant but not flashy. They bring sophistication and warmth to any home. You can choose between using wood that is already an earthy tone, or you could finish any wood you like with earthy tones.

Eco-Friendly Flooring

Save the planet! Going green has become an enormous fad. Everyone is recycling, installing solar panels, and using recycled materials to build their homes! In some renewable options, you can find cork or even bamboo. There are even floors that have air-purifying finishes; These floors are simply installed and coated, and then are activated when anyone walks over them! Save the planet, and live healthier this next decade!

Distressed Floor Styles

The distressed look has been popular for years. Distressed floors are edgy and rustic. A perfect little flair for any country farmhouse style home. Tile can now be found with a patina look to it, giving it the appeal of aged, stained wood. The soft, worn texture will look like it has been there forever, naturally. The perfect part about distressed flooring is that it’s so easy to maintain.

When you’re ready to do the remodel you’ve always dreamed of, consider these hot flooring trends for 2020. Bay Tile Kitchen & Bath has every floor covering you can imagine, keep up with the trends or start a new one. Visit our 8,000 square foot showroom on McMullen Booth rd today and let us help you find the flooring of your dreams! Be sure to ask about any specials we might be running for flooring installation too. We’re here to help you find the latest and greatest flooring trends and help you tackle that home renovation project you’ve been waiting for.


How to protect wood floors with these 8 easy tips:

As another year comes and goes, the holidays approach rapidly. With holidays zooming towards you, there is so much to do and so little time to do it. With so much going on, not many people put much thought into how their floors will be affected this holiday season. Big presents can scratch your floors when pushed across the room, Aunt Jill’s high heels will scuff your floors as well. You can’t avoid the holidays altogether, but there are some precautions to ensure your wood floors stay looking their best, even after all of the festivities.

Regular Cleaning

Keeping your floors clean all the time is a great start to ensuring you keep your floors looking their best for as long as possible. Using your basic mopping solution will help seal your floors to avoid having them get scratched and scuffed. There is much debate out there regarding the proper cleaning solution for wood floors, but most agree, a damp mop (not a soaking one) with good old soap and water!


Doormats can be cute and useful. Holiday mats bring a cute festive touch to any room. Placing the mats near all entrances of the house will help control the amount of dirt that gets tracked through your home.

Trim Pet’s Nails

This may seem like a given, but pets nails can be a nightmare to not only your furniture but your hardwood floors as well. When the nails get too long, they’ll begin to scratch your floors any time the pet zooms across them. Trimming them yourself or getting them professionally cut are both great options.

Protect Wood Floors by Using Rugs

Much like doormats, rugs can protect large areas of your floors. Area rugs tie a room together while simultaneously giving great protection.

Take Off Your Shoes

Shoes can cause scratches and scuffs to wood flooring. Encouraging guests to take off their shoes will not only keep dirt from getting tracked through your home but will also preserve your floors from high heels or marking shoe soles.

Use Pads On Furniture

Keeping felt pads on the bottom of all your furniture will help keep your floors from being marked up. Any time a chair is pushed in, or a table is
moved ever so slightly, your floors are being scratched. Felt pads help furniture glide on flooring instead of dragging and scratching.

Waterproof Tree Stand

If you have a live Christmas tree in your home, make sure the stand is waterproof! Christmas tree stands can be known to leak water if they get too
old. This water leaking in a place you can’t notice it will cause the water to sit and warp your floors. Water is wood’s worst enemy!

Use A Protective Coating

Using a special solution to mop your floors will help keep them in tip-top shape. Many solutions will coat your floors to ensure they don’t get scratched or scuffed this holiday season.

It pays to be smart when it comes to how to protect wood floors, with proper care and maintenance they will last you a lifetime! Don’t let the hustle of the holiday season keep you from looking after your floors, with a few easy steps you can keep them looking brand new. Bay Tile Kitchen & Bath provides an amazing variety of hardwood flooring options as well as durable, wood-looking tile. We can install your product or ours. Call today with any questions.


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