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Ceramic Tile might well be the most versatile flooring on the market.

The colors and textures you can find these days in ceramic tile leave you with limitless options. It’s fairly easy to clean and near impossible to stain, and the most waterproof of all flooring types.  When planning your next project and choosing materials, you should keep the use of tile in mind. Ceramic tile can transform a space and give your home a touch of your own style with varying colors and styles such as a wood-look. Besides the visual appeal, tile can provide some important features that other building materials can’t. Those reasons include aiding in improving the air quality of your home, safety from chemicals and fire spreading, and mold resistance.

Tile is Great for Allergies!

One of the benefits of having ceramic tile is the improvements that can be made to your home’s air quality. Believe it or not, the flooring in your home could be emitting things that could affect your air quality like VOC’s or volatile organic compounds. An example of a VOC is formaldehyde, which is a substance that can be found in your flooring or even wall coverings. Using tile in your home eliminates the chance of VOC’s coming along with your new flooring, which makes your flooring safer for you to come in contact with. Ceramic tile is created by firing together naturally occurring materials, which eliminates the use of chemicals or harmful substances, and making it inorganic.

Further improving the air quality, ceramic tile has no hidden surfaces for germs and allergens to get stuck in, as well as pet dander and dust. This means that you can actually breathe easier in a home with ceramic tile.

Fire & Mold Resistant

Another benefit of using tile in your home will decrease the risk of fire spreading in the event of a home fire. Ceramic tile is not flammable or combustible, and it also does not have any chemicals so there will be no dangerous smoke when heated. Not only will ceramic tile stop fires, but the tile can also stop mold and mildew. Since ceramic tile is made of organic materials, it can provide no host for mold or mildew. Tile is inorganic, which is why the mold and mildew have no place for growth or survival.

Bay Tile Kitchen and Bath provides you with the knowledge and the choices to create an affordable and safe flooring for your home. They can also provide kitchen and bathroom renovations to help you make any changes to your flooring and countertops, and offer a wide array of flooring options that can suit any homeowner’s vision for their perfect home. Looking for a durable flooring option like tile? Come visit our 8,000 sqft showroom on McMullen Booth Road in Clearwater where you can see samples as well as kitchen and bathroom models.






How to Determine the Best Flooring For Pets

There are many factors that one should consider when choosing the flooring of their home, and the important one is the functionality and comfort. There are some types of flooring that have different benefits, and some could benefit you the most. If you own a pet, there are some extra considerations when choosing the flooring that is helpful. Although it might be obvious that carpet is the worst and hardwood is the best, there are other flooring options that are best for pets. Depending on the flooring that you have, owning a pet might be more difficult, so it is important to know what works the best,

Consideration for Flooring

A factor of flooring that you should consider when you have a pet is resistance to scratches. The flooring you choose should be one strong enough to not get covered in scratches from your pet’s nails. Another factor should be flooring’s resistance to stains. Animals can be messy and could also have accidents. You want the flooring that is easy to clean and does not have the ability to stain easily.  The last item to consider would be the pet’s safety and comfort. Some floor materials are made or assembled using chemicals that shouldn’t be ingested and could be dangerous to pets. There are some types of flooring that are slippery, and could potentially hurt your pet due to injury.

Types of Flooring for Pets

There are quite a few good flooring options that are also good for pet owners. The best options are tile, hardwood, laminate and vinyl flooring. They each provide everything you would want in flooring when owning a pet. Each has great scratch resistance, stain resistance and is the safest flooring for pets. However, tile should be your main choice because of the other benefits that tile provides. Tile is also safer and better for your home. Using tile increases your home’s air quality and is mold and mildew resistant, as well as being the best option for homes with pets.

Tile flooring has come a long way in style and design. Not only can you find wood-looking tile, but they come in so many variations and colors now! Get the exact tone and shade of natural hardwood to match any decor, with the durability and lasting beauty of tile. Bay Tile Kitchen and Bath has all the options and services you need to choose tile. With an 8,000 square foot showroom, you can select the flooring that looks and feels perfect for your space. We offer kitchen and bathroom renovations, countertops, and installation with all types of flooring available. We are able to give you the flooring you need to maintain clean and beautiful flooring even with a pet!


What is the best type of flooring for a bathroom


If you are ready to upgrade your old outdated bathroom then you will be focusing a lot on materials styles and colors. One of the important parts of your bathroom is the floor. Choosing a durable, stylish and humidity proof flooring is very important to any bathroom remodel. Here are the top choices of flooring that work best in bathrooms.

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