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Ceramic Tile might well be the most versatile flooring on the market.

The colors and textures you can find these days in ceramic tile leave you with limitless options. It’s fairly easy to clean and near impossible to stain, and the most waterproof of all flooring types.  When planning your next project and choosing materials, you should keep the use of tile in mind. Ceramic tile can transform a space and give your home a touch of your own style with varying colors and styles such as a wood-look. Besides the visual appeal, tile can provide some important features that other building materials can’t. Those reasons include aiding in improving the air quality of your home, safety from chemicals and fire spreading, and mold resistance.

Tile is Great for Allergies!

One of the benefits of having ceramic tile is the improvements that can be made to your home’s air quality. Believe it or not, the flooring in your home could be emitting things that could affect your air quality like VOC’s or volatile organic compounds. An example of a VOC is formaldehyde, which is a substance that can be found in your flooring or even wall coverings. Using tile in your home eliminates the chance of VOC’s coming along with your new flooring, which makes your flooring safer for you to come in contact with. Ceramic tile is created by firing together naturally occurring materials, which eliminates the use of chemicals or harmful substances, and making it inorganic.

Further improving the air quality, ceramic tile has no hidden surfaces for germs and allergens to get stuck in, as well as pet dander and dust. This means that you can actually breathe easier in a home with ceramic tile.

Fire & Mold Resistant

Another benefit of using tile in your home will decrease the risk of fire spreading in the event of a home fire. Ceramic tile is not flammable or combustible, and it also does not have any chemicals so there will be no dangerous smoke when heated. Not only will ceramic tile stop fires, but the tile can also stop mold and mildew. Since ceramic tile is made of organic materials, it can provide no host for mold or mildew. Tile is inorganic, which is why the mold and mildew have no place for growth or survival.

Bay Tile Kitchen and Bath provides you with the knowledge and the choices to create an affordable and safe flooring for your home. They can also provide kitchen and bathroom renovations to help you make any changes to your flooring and countertops, and offer a wide array of flooring options that can suit any homeowner’s vision for their perfect home. Looking for a durable flooring option like tile? Come visit our 8,000 sqft showroom on McMullen Booth Road in Clearwater where you can see samples as well as kitchen and bathroom models.






How to Design Your Home with Transitional Style

Designing your home can be overwhelming, especially if you are unsure of your style and how to execute it. You could be stuck with the design you choose in your home for years, especially in more costly investments like flooring. So the decisions that you make are important. Most homeowners don’t have a specific vision because they are unsure of the styles that can be used. Some love the modern style but also want more functionality and comfort in their home. Modern or contemporary styles tend to feel a little cold and stark, not exactly everyone’s choice for a family room. Combining comfort and modern lines give you a whole new world of design. This is what makes the transitional style more appealing than the rest. The transitional style is becoming ever popular, and there are some simple ways that you could start to incorporate transitional style without a full remodel.

 What Is Transitional?

To begin with, what is transitional style? Transitional style is a balanced combination of old and new styles that highlight ornate and elaborate details while also being sleek and minimal. A good mix of old and new styles is what makes this style so appealing, giving the best of each style. Popular elements of this style are crown molding, symmetry, polished finishes, formal look, tile that looks like molding, and European and English influences. As well as clean lines, more relaxed designs, honed and matte finishes, and simple and neutral colors and designs.

How to Incorporate Transitional Style in Flooring

Tile accentuates the transitional style in all areas of your home. Tile could be included in small areas, a backsplash in the kitchen, tile in the bathroom, and even your flooring. Using tile in your home increases the space’s air quality, and is generally a safer building material than some other flooring options. Keeping that in mind, using tile to help your home’s transitional look better than other building materials and it makes your home safer. Tile can be used in multiple designs and using various colors, giving more flexibility in the design. Tile can stick with the transitional muted colors or bring a bright pop of color to any area of your home.

The amazing thing about using tile in a transitional styled home is that you can choose ornate and elaborate designs or neutral palettes to help accentuate the more ornate decor. Such versatility! Bay Tile Kitchen and Bath provide everything a designer or homeowner would need to incorporate tile in a transitional style into any space, as well as any other flooring or renovation need. They have the ability to service multiple areas of your home, like bathroom and kitchen remodeling, countertops and flooring. They have all types of flooring when making decisions in your renovation, as well as multiple colors.


What should you consider when designing a bathroom remodel for two?

Are you moving in with a significant other for the first time? Or simply looking to remodel a bathroom so it’s easier for two people to use? There are some things you will want to consider when designing a space for two people to use together comfortably.

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