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Designing a Bathroom Remodel for Two

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What should you consider when designing a bathroom remodel for two?

Are you moving in with a significant other for the first time? Or simply looking to remodel a bathroom so it’s easier for two people to use? There are some things you will want to consider when designing a space for two people to use together comfortably.

Installing Double Sinks

If the area you are installing or remodeling a new bathroom is large enough, it is wise to consider installing double sinks. This allows two people to use the bathroom at the same time for grooming purposes. Be sure though, to install a countertop that is large enough with the proper cabinetry and shelving underneath as well so each person has their own private area to store their toiletries. Installing a mirror over each sink is wise also, or at least one large one that can comfortably allow two people to use it.

Place Toilet in an Enclosed Area

When doing a bathroom remodel for two, it is wise to place the toilet into an enclosed area away from the bathroom sinks and bathing area. This area is typically called a water closet.  This allows a person to comfortably use the toilet while another is using the bathroom. You can make a small little separate room with its own door for the toilet area, or you can use a room divider. If neither is an option, consider putting up walls in particular places during the bathroom remodel.

Keep the Bathtub Separate from the Shower

It is always a pain to have a shower and bathtub all in one unit in a bathroom meant for two people. Instead, it is best to create a space for simply a bathtub for taking just baths and a shower area meant specifically for just showering. This allows for two people to bathe themselves at the same time if needed, or at least allows one to enjoy a hot bath while leaving the shower available.

Add in Proper Storage

Most bathrooms contain a lot of beauty care, hygiene, and medicinal products. It is wise to add in the proper storage space to keep all these products organized. The storage space needs to also include a spot for dirty clothing, clean towels, sheets, and bedding, or whatever else individuals store in the bathroom to use while grooming or beautifying themselves. The storage space could be an organized built-in closet or shelving, but this you can figure out when planning your bathroom remodel.

Consider a Towel Warmer

In a bathroom of two, towels will constantly be used for drying off after bathing. It is always helpful to have a towel warmer installed into the bathroom to ensure towels always stay dry and fluffy to use. Nothing is worse than getting out of the shower or bath to a wet or damp bathtub. Therefore, it is wise to have a towel warmer installed when doing a bathroom remodel.

Proper Bathroom Lighting

Proper lighting is another necessity when remodeling a bathroom for two. Some individuals love dim lighting in a bathroom of the tub or shower for relaxation while others love bright lighting for shaving their face or putting on makeup over the sink area. When doing your bathroom remodel, consider putting in both bright lights and dim ones.

When planning a bathroom remodel for two, there are many pieces to keep in mind.  It’s best to work with a designer to create a bath that is beautiful as well as functional for two.  When you are ready for a bath remodel call the experts at Bay Tile Kitchen and Bath for all of your needs.