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Timeless Tile for your remodel

Using tile in your kitchen or bathroom remodel is a great way to be on trend.  The durability of tile could last years on end, be sure to consider a design that will have the same staying power when it comes to style.  You want to ensure the tile you install for your remodel has a timeless look that will last for years. Here are a few tips for a trendy yet timeless design using tile for your remodel.

Color or Neutral Tile

There are a large variety of colors available from bright and vibrant to neutral and traditional.  You may be thinking a modern bright color would be great, but will it still be on trend in 20-30 years?  Gray, white and beige are very popular and have a timeless look due to the neutrality of matching its surroundings.  A low contrast palette will always be in style.  If you still want a pop of modern color do so in your accessories which are easier and less costly to change. Neutral colored tiles are a safe bet for longer style life. Save the bright colors and patterns for your walls.

Porcelain, Ceramic or Glass Tile

There are several options when it comes to tile.  Porcelain is gaining popularity for its crisp look and relatively low cost.  Porcelain tile can look similar to stone and has less maintenance and is more stain resistant.  Ceramic tile is readily available and comes in many shapes, sizes, and colors.  It is the most popular choice.  Wood plank tiles are a hot trend in today’s tile and flooring design. With so many options for a neutral palette, it may be hard to choose but your designer will be glad to help! Once considered trendy, glass tile is a now timeless classic.  Newer cutting edge techniques can create a variety of shapes and sizes to meet any desire. Consider glass tile for unique patterns and even mosaics.

Contrast in Textures

Consider using contrast in the texture of your tile as opposed to color. Keep your color pallet monochromatic and incorporate texture with glossy, polished tile and more matte, rough honed tile.

Tile Patterns

Get creative with how you lay your tile pattern. Chevron and herringbone patterns are sleek and timeless for any tile design. Play around with the placement of the tile and create a pattern of your own!

A great way to show your personal style, be on trend and create a timeless look can be done with tile.  Choosing a neutral palette will ensure that your current look will be in style 20-30 years from now.  Be sure to consult a designer to help you choose the best options for your remodel. Contact Bay Tile Kitchen & Bath and let us help you narrow your choices for the best tile options in your next remodel.